Art by Nancy L.whitlock


Welcome to the chihuahuan desert through my eyes


           110 B NORTH 6 STREET

            ALPINE , TEXAS 79830


My interests in  arts and science are apparent in my formal and informal education.  As an x-ray Technologist, I worked my way through college, receiving a BFA and  a BA, then an MFA in  painting and drawing from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  I’ve studied painting and drawing in Aix-En-Provence, France and also in Saarbrucken, Germany.  

While in Columbia, Missouri, I worked propagating native plants and re-establishing native prairie habitats.  I also participated in a research project involving mist-netting and spot mapping song birds with the Missouri Ozark

Forest Ecosystem Project.

My love of natural forms in brilliant light has led me from Taos, NM. to Alpine, Texas.  The mild temperatures and beautiful landscapes of West Texas give me the chance to work outdoors year round.

I  develop most of my paintings in front of my subject so that I can capture the experience of “being on top of the mountain.”  While a photograph can be a useful tool in painting, it records only a fraction of the subject.  My goal is to capture in my paintings, through the use of intense color and expressive line, the experience of hiking in the Chihuahuan Desert.

            The Chihuahuan Desert: 

        A walk through the Desert,  is a 

          short video filmed and edited

               by Nancy L. Whitlock.


Emory Peak can be reached from the Pinnacles trail in the Chisos Basin of the Big Bend National Park, Texas.  Emory Peak is 7825 feet high and while standing on its top allows you to look down at Casa Grande which is only 7325 feet.  This video was taken December 1, 2015.